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My Philosophy

Music is a language that everyone can speak.

Embracing music as a language doesn’t just enrich our personal lives; it has a profound impact on society as a whole. When we recognise and encourage music as a universal means of communication, we create a powerful avenue for positive change and social cohesion.

Music possesses the remarkable ability to bridge differencies and bring people from diverse backgrounds together. As individuals learn to express themselves through melodies, harmonies and rhythms, they also learn to understand the expressions of others. This fosters empathy, compassion, and a deeper connection among people who might otherwise feel distant.

In educational settings, promoting music as a language can lead to improved cognitive skills, enhanced creativity, and better emotional regulation. These benefits extend beyond the music room, positively influencing academic performance and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, when schools or communities incorporate music into their curriculum, they create spaces for cultural exchange, tolerance, and collaboration.

Music also has the power to heal and uplift. I had the privilege of witnessing this power when teaching ‘looked-after’ children in South East London. These young individuals, often facing unique challenges, have shown me that music isn’t just about playing notes; it’s about providing a safe space for expression, fostering self-confidence, and offering a channel for their emotions.

Furthermore, music’s role in cultural preservation is vital. It carries traditions, stories and histories across generations, maintaining cultural identities and heritage. By recognising music as a language, we celebrate diversity and honor the rich variety of human expression.

These values are at the heart of my guitar teaching philosophy. As an experienced music educator, my goal is to guide you on a journey where you not only master the guitar but also learn to speak the language of music fluently. Whether you’re a beginner embarking on your musical adventure or an intermediate player seeking to enhance your skills, I’m here to support your growth.

So, let your fingers dance across the strings, and let the melodies you create resonate with the world around you. Now, it’s time to delve into the world of music that I’ve crafted for you. Scroll down to discover a collection of engaging teaching videos tailor-made for intermediate players. Let’s continue this musical journey together!

Free guitar tips for intermediate players

Take your guitar practice to the next level with these short lessons on technique, where we explore how to build a solid practice and an effective warm up routine.

One topic at the time, we will analyse the most common issues that guitarists face in their studies, exploring approaches that will help you finding your way of practising.

My approach to technique always starts from a deep reflection on how our body works.

This awareness, with and without the instrument, will spot lights on how to approach common techniques such as legato, barré, string crossings and so on!

Let’s start:

Individual lessons and project feedback

Do you have any question? Want to explore more?
Are you looking for a feedback on your guitar playing, on a piece of repertoire or simply for a teacher that can follow you in your path?

Get in touch with me! Whether you need regular lessons or a one time meeting, we can discuss your needs and we can figure out a tailored approach.

I am a passionate music teacher since 2008. I deliver individual and ensemble music lessons covering different topics including classical and electric guitar, solo repertoire, technique, chamber music with guitar and group of mixed instruments (violin, flute, harp, cello, percussions…). I am an enthusiastic performer of a wide repertoire, from early music to contemporary, pop, rock and passionately transmit the love for music to students of all ages and levels. 

I teach in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

I am happy to hear from you if you are curious about my method, my approach on guitar or if you want specific advices on your music project. 

Here is how to contact me.

Prefer the informal way? text me on my social media, choose your favorite here:  

There’s more! Here you will find a little gift if you are currently working on ABRSM grades 1, 2 and 3. These technique breakdown videos are produced by Fireworks Music School. Hope this will help you on your daily practice!