Video Projects

Since 2019 I curate digital cultural projects with Lilium SoundArt APS, a non-profit organisation based in Italy.

We create unique dialogues between talented musicians and the cultural contexts, designing music journeys that bring the viewer/listener to discover the richness of visual art, design, architecture, science through the communicative power of music.

Imagine links between painters and composers that lived centuries away.
Imagine pages of ancient documents resonating with cello lines.
Imagine an orchestra of doctors playing in the most ancient anatomical theatre of the world.

These stories exist, and it’s our job to shape them with the performers and a variety of institutions that are aligned with our values.

Find here some examples:

When Dante meets Music

Is there a link between the art of Giotto and the poetry of Dante? How can we represent the modern messages contained in the old Masters’ works with contemporary art? 

“A risentir le stelle” is a video project in three episodes designed for the temporary exhibition “A riveder le stelle” at Padova Musei Eremitani.  

The project ‘A risentir le stelle’ highlights creative dialogues between music and contemporary art. Young talented musicians from the UK, Spain and Switzerland enter in contact and react to the artworks of the exhibition ‘A riveder le stelle’ – Padova Eremitani Museums, curated by Barbara Codogno. 

Celebrating Dante Alighieri seven hundred years anniversary, verses from the three Divina Commedia Cantiche are interpreted by actress Francesca Sartore (in collaboration with Teatro Boxer), additional reading key of the ethereal dialogue that will span from the art of Giotto until nowadays painters.

Music as Instrument of Health

Can Music be an instrument of Health? That is the mission of Asclepio Orchestra, captured in this production filmed at Palazzo del Bo (1222), Anatomical Theatre (1595) and the Covid ward at Padova Hospital during the 2020 lockdown. 

Asclepio Orchestra is an ensemble formed by students, researchers, professors and collaborators of various institutions operating in the Healthcare system. From playing to patients around the hospital wards to the stage of Umbria Jazz, these doctors/musicians embrace the mission of spreading awareness around Health and the healing power of Music. 

The locations represent the past and the present of the Medicine in Padova. From the old Anatomical Theatre build by Girolamo Fabrici d’Acquapendente on a design by Paolo Sarpi, where in the XVI Century groundbreaking Doctors advanced the science of medicine, to the modern advanced labs of the Azienda Ospedaliera where medicine is practiced with the same passion and dedication.   

Supported by Dipartimento di Medicina and UniPd . In collaboration with: Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova, Comune di Padova and Dipartimento Funzionale aziendale di Malattie Rare. 

Behind the scenes of Umbria Jazz

How do we see the Orchestra rehearsal from the backstage when we film? Which emotions do we try to capture? 

Join us in this short walk in Piazza Capitaniato in Padova and discover the preparation for Asclepio Orchestra at Umbria Jazz.

When classical music meets contemporary dance

Sturm is a piece for seven timpani composed from Bruno Hartl, former principal timpanist of the Vienna Philharmonic and composer. The piece is inspired by a thunderstorm and let the listener literally feel throughout the various stages of a storm: from the calm before, where the wind blows gently and the clouds begin to gather and darken, to the first subtle rain, represented by sixteenth notes running up and down the upper timpani to the wild thunders that make the lower timpani literally roar!

It must be said that these instruments lend themselves wonderfully to recreating the evocative atmosphere of a thunderstorm, but the real mastery of this piece lies in the compositional skills and in the very deep and experienced knowledge of the instrument of Bruno Hartl.

Born by an idea of percussionist Sofia Garzotto and dancer Jerca Rožnik Novak, filmed in Linz at Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität. The stunning modern architecture, designed from the “Architekturbüro 1 ZT GmbH”,represents a “New House of Music and the Arts”.

Music for Giotto and UNESCO venues

A tribute to the cultural heritage of Padua’s XIV century frescoes to celebrate the World Heritage listing of the works of Giotto and his keens.

Eight diverse music ideas to spark a new light on eight unique fresco cycles that can be visited at Cappella degli Scrovegni, Chiesa degli Eremitani, Palazzo della Ragione, Cappella della Reggia Carrarese, Battistero della Cattedrale, Basilica del Santo – Cappella di San Giacomo, Oratorio di San Giorgio and Oratorio di San Michele.

This project was made possible thanks to a fruitful collaboration with Padova City Council.

A Harp in Königsplatz, München

How can music change your perception of a venue?
And what if the venue is dense with dark historical events?
It’s the case of our last video with harpist Laudine Dard in Munich.

Königsplatz is one of the biggest squares in Munich and is charged with history. It was built by Ludwig of Bavaria in a Europeans neoclassical style. Our video was filmed in front of the Propylaea gate. During the Third Reich, the square was used for Nazi rallies. Book burnings happened there. The square is located close to the Führerbau, built for and used by Hitler as the headquarters of the party. This building is now used for the Hochschule für Musik und Theater, where Laudine studied her Masters. Filming the video on this square meant also digging into its history and sharing it with the world while bringing beauty to a place that witnessed such obscure times.

“It happened, and thus it can happen again.” – Primo Levi, 198

Our Mission

To support artists in their career by providing high quality digital products. To valorize the cultural landscape, spark a new light on cultural venues. 

All these works were made possible by fruitful collaborations between talented artists, visionary Institutions and the wonderful team at Lilium SoundArt, to which I’m beyond grateful.

Meet Clara (president) Edoardo (Secretrary and video maker) Andrea (guitar maker) Rebecca (video maker) and watch our works here: