Francesco Rocco

Musician, teacher, photographer, video maker, curator

Francesco Rocco is an Italian artist whose diverse works are inspired by the communicative power of music. Not-so-classical guitarist and enthusiast explorer of creative practices, he works internationally, always enriching his vision with cross-cultural and interdisciplinary exchanges with artists, students and professionals from all over the world.

Francesco’s musical journey began at the age of 14 when hearing an ancient english ballad in a version by songwriter Fabrizio de Andrè on an old guitar. That was the sparkle that lit up the curiosity for the instrument and its imaginative unique voice. Since then he performed on stages around the world, composing music for theatre shows and interpreting the works of composers from the XIV Century to the contemporary era. He collaborates regularly with talented cellist Annamaria Moro writing music for shows with actors and actresses such as Andrea Pennacchi, Pierpaolo Spollon, Greta Magni, Lorenzo Maragoni, working for Teatro Boxer and Teatro Stabile del Veneto.

He received academic training at the Bologna Conservatoire with visionary teacher and performer Walter Zanetti, and continued at the prestigious Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, under the mentorship of Graham Anthony Devine, obtaining a Master of Music with Distinction. He enriched his musical knowledge through masterclasses with renowned artists like Leo Brouwer, Oscar Ghiglia, and Marcin Dylla.

Passionate teacher, since the age of 18, he has since evolved into a lifelong commitment to nurturing musical talent and imparting the transformative power of music, carefully creating tailored courses for students around the continent.

Always trying to broaden horizons, Francesco laureates at the Global Leaders Institute, studying and working with 60 peers internationally in Social entrepreneurship, cultural agency, impact innovation, community development, organisation management, design thinking, and education leadership, attending classes from teachers from Harvard, New York and McGill University.

Beyond his role as a musician and teacher, Francesco Rocco is emerging as a cultural innovator and curator of digital cultural projects. Parallel to his career in music, Francesco developed his passion for photography, specialising in portraying artists and colleagues, using the camera to support the career of musicians around the world.

Francesco serves as Vice President of Lilium SoundArt, an association dedicated to promoting music, art, science, and culture, co-founded with talented researchers, scientists, artisans and video makers in Padova. Since 2019 Lilium SoundArt has curated and organised various projects that find an intersection between music and other forms of art and culture, such as ‘Music in the Venues of PadovaUrbsPicta,’ (2019) in collaboration with the Padova City Council, supporting the of UNESCO nomination of XIV Century frescoes by Giotto and his keens, and “A risentir le stelle” (2021), in which international young musicians dialogue with contemporary visual art inspired by the poetry of Dante.

In 2023 he joined AIGU, Associazione Italiana Giovani per l’UNESCO, and was invited to participate in the Selection Committee of Art Champéry for the art auction in support of the music festival Rencontres Musicales de Champéry.

When not in Geneva, Francesco travels around Europe and beyond with his Panhuyzen guitar or a Sony camera, hiking on the mountains or cycling on the Euganean hills, always looking forward to hearing more stories and discovering new endeavours.